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Instant HPIN Generation

It will be the sole responsibility of the Unit Holder to ensure that the HPIN is kept confidential and not revealed / disclosed to any third party, including any person claiming to represent HDFC AMC or its Registrar and Transfer Agent, CAMS.  
The Unit Holder must take all possible care to prevent discovery of the User name or HPIN by any person.

Terms & Conditions
A) I/We am/are an individual unit holder(s) or a Karta of an HUF;
B) In my/our folio, the mode of holding is “Single” or “Either or Survivor”.
C) My/ our PAN, Bank Account Number and Email Address are updated in the Folio/s for HPIN to be generated instantly. I/we further agree that in the event any of the above information is incomplete in the Folio/s, the HPIN generation request will be cancelled;
D) The details submitted hereinabove are true and correct and belong to the me/us;
E) I/we am/are aware of the risks involved in the creation of HPIN electronically and further agree to bear the consequences of the same, if any;
F) Whenever I/we generate HPIN through facility provided under, for the first time or whenever I have forgotten my existing HPIN. I am aware that the new HPIN shall replace the existing HPIN as the case may be;
G) HDFC Asset Management Company Limited (HDFC AMC) shall dispatch the HPIN generated on facility either by post or courier or email or any other mode at the discretion of HDFC AMC. I/we further agree to preserve the HPIN carefully. In case of loss and/or theft of the same, I/we undertake to immediately inform HDFC AMC in writing;
H) As a safety measure I/we shall change my/our HPIN as frequently as possible;
I) The HPIN is required to be kept confidential and not revealed to any third party. I/we agree to commit the HPIN to memory and not record it in a written or electronic form and not let any unauthorized person have access to the computer/mobile or leave the computer/mobile unattended while accessing . I/we further agree and understand that in case I/we forget the HPIN, I/we can request for change of HPIN and such replacement shall not be construed /deemed as the commencement of a new contract;
J) If any third person obtains access to the HPIN, such third party would be able to transact/provide electronic instructions to HDFC AMC. Whilst HDFC AMC shall aim to provide security to prevent any unauthorized access, there cannot be any guarantee from such internet frauds, hacking and other actions, which could affect the electronic instructions to HDFC AMC;
K) I/we have read and understood the terms and conditions applicable to facility and confirm that I/we shall be bound by the same. Detailed Terms and Conditions are available at the Investor Service Centres or on the Website